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As International Reggae Day turns the corner on its 26th year, the brand continues to celebrate the impact of Jamaica's creativity on the world. 




















This year International Reggae Day Salutes Reggae Sunsplash and its originators as trailblazers, for establishing Reggae’s most important live music platform, responsible for introducing the world to Reggae culture and many of the music's brightest stars.   

Reggae Sunsplash created international events which opened new markets for the genre in the US, UK and Japan. 
























The brand has served as the blueprint for Reggae festivals worldwide and set the standard by which all Reggae festivals are measured.   The authentic ambiance created and the calibre of performances presented by the festival which began in 1978, was responsible for re-opening Montego Bay for summer business in the late 1970s and created a resonating brand legacy which retains its global appeal to this day.   

This year marks 40 years since Bob Marley performed at Reggae Sunsplash, sharing the stage with Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Third World, as seen on ‘Reggae By Bus’, one of the music’s first concert documentaries ever produced. 






















Reggae Sunsplash was responsible for the launch and promotion of many of Jamaica’s most popular artistes and the level of live production and concert film footage captured, was groundbreaking, strengthened the music’s marketing and fostered the development of many then young, Jamaican production professionals including John Swaby (John Swaby Entertainment | Richard Forbes (Phase 3) | Johann Dawes (HYPE TV)).

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