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International Reggae Day continues its efforts to mobilize Jamaicans and Reggae lovers worldwide to join in the climate change conversation and plant trees of their choice on JulyOne in support of the One Trillion Tree Campaign, inspired by the life of Nobel Peace Prize Laureatte, Wangari Maathi, pioneer of the One Billion Tree campaign. 


Tree Challenge Goals 

  • Raise awareness in the Jamaican and global Reggae community about the effects of climate change

  • Increase participation of the global Reggae community in the climate change conversation

  • Highlight the importance of fighting climate change and increasing food security through environmental activism, public education, community conservation

  • Connect tree planting as a means to decarbonize and avert the effects of climate change including damage to the ocean's coral reefs and ecosystem

  • Support the lobby for transformative environmental policies in response to climate change and in alignment with goals set by the Paris Climate Change Agreement

  • Promote the IRD Tree Planting Challenge: Plant, Pose, Post


  1. Register your participation here

  2. Wear your Reggae Colours and Plant a Tree

  3. Post on Instagram/Facebook use #ThisIsMyReggae

  4. Record video and send photos challenging others to plant a tree by JulyOne

International Reggae Day is committed to support the National Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport to achieve Jamaica’s commitment to the One Trillion Tree Challenge and its own national target. 


'We have changed the nature of nature and in decades we have unravelled the underpinning of our very existence'  'The more we destroy the more accelerated the destruction takes place.  Your action x 7 billion can make a difference'.  


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10 Benefits of Trees - Jamaica Observer March 20 2013

  1. Increases property value by 15%+

  2. Reduces electricity needed to run AC units

  3. Lowers heating bills

  4. Cleans the air

  5. Cleans the soil

  6. Produces oxygen

  7. Fights global warming

  8. Controls noise pollution

  9. Fights soil erosion

  10. Slows storm water run off

Top 20 Jamaican Fruit Trees 

  1. Ackee

  2. Breadfruit

  3. Mango

  4. June Plum

  5. Sweet Sop 

  6. Sour Sop

  7. Avocado

  8. Paw Paw

  9. Almond

  10. Otaheite Apple

  11. Cherry

  12. Cashew

  13. Banana

  14. Pomegranate

  15. Guava

  16. Tamarind

  17. Guinep

  18. Star Apple

  19. Coffee

  20. Lime

Special mention


  1. Jack Fruit

  2. Naseberry

Top 20 Jamaican Trees

  1. Blue Mahoe Hibiscus Elatus...national tree of Jamaica

  2. Lignum Vitae Guaiacum Officale...national flower of Jamaica

  3. Royal Palm Roystonea regia. ...

  4. Bull Tatch Palm Sabal Palmetto. ...

  5. Poor Man's Orchid Bauhinia puprurea

  6. Poinciana Delonix Regia

  7. Yellow Poui Tree

  8. Calabash

  9. Eucalyptus

  10. Frangipani

  11. Guango

  12. Jacaranda

  13. Pimento

  14. Silk Cotton

  15. West Indian Mahogany

  16. West Indian Cedar

  17. West Indian Ebony

  18. Moringa

  19. Red Birch

  20. Bamboo

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