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Welcome to the home of International Reggae Day™
The annual 24-hour global celebration of Jamaican music culture. 


Our theme this year is 

“Saluting the Global Influence of 80s and 90s Dancehall: From Brukins to Bogle”

IRD2023 will spotlight this pivotal era that has helped to shape Jamaican music

and its impact on the global stage.

Dancehall, born on the shores of Jamaica, has traveled the world and its direct influence can be heard in a range of music genres including Hip Hop, Afro Beats, Reggaeton and EDM

On JulyOne, IRD2023 will pay homage to the Jamaican Artistes, the Producers and the Sound systems who were central to the development of the rhythms and the sound, and helped to spread the Dancehall phenomena. Our cultural influence from that era on music, dance, fashion and other cultural expressions, laid the foundation for this popular lifestyle music as a global export.

IRD invites the Media, Reggae platforms, bloggers and fans around the world to join us and celebrate the day, as we spotlight this era of Jamaica's rich musical legacy.  Sign up below to be a part of the experience and to learn more.

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