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10+ Songs You Need To Hear For International Reggae Day 2018 (Nairobi Underground)

Published June 28, 2018 | Embukane Libosso

To celebrate International Reggae Day, LazeReggae’s Selekta Vinny Pupa Ranking (our very own contributor here as well, Embukane Libosso) spruces up some of his favourite selections.


Starting off as a reggae music lover and collector, then a show host on’s LazeReggae Radio Show, Vinny Pupa Ranking is now learning how to deejay. Reggae gives life to things that may be melancholy and his inspirations draw from his immersions in roots rock reggae, rocksteady, ska, lovers rock, dub, soca, afrobeats/Afro-dancehall bashment and dancehall from an early age.

Grab your roots. Grab your chalice and feel free to skank away on this special July 1st International Reggae Day shellingz!

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