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INTERNATIONAL REGGAE DAY EXPLORED AT JMC 2020!! The JMC organisers have pledged their support to the International Reggae Day (IRD) movement which mirrors their efforts to connect the dots between reggae communities worldwide! JMC 2020 will set the stage for further discussions on how reggae communities and entities worldwide can play a part in re-establishing Jamaica as the world’s reggae capital, plus revitalising and expanding the IRD celebration.

July 1st is recognised as International Reggae Day. Lovers of reggae worldwide are being asked to film 30 second videos of themselves sharing what reggae music means to them!! The hashtag #ThisIsMyReggae is being promoted as a way for lovers of the sound worldwide to collectively show their appreciation online. Ahead of the 7th JMC staging during Reggae Month in February 2020, under the theme “Reggae Mek’ka Jamaica: Vision 2020”, the 2019 JMC International Summit Series has similarly been connecting the dots across Canada, the USA, Africa, Australia and Europe. This entire year will be spent connecting with stakeholders and building bridges with the aim of creating a global network of Jamaica music industry entrepreneurs and professionals, who share the common goal of taking advantage of the opportunities of today’s rapidly expanding global music industry.

While highlighting Jamaica as the mecca for reggae, the JMC will place its cultural lens on the nation’s Vision 2030 plan in an effort to determine where we are going and how the music industry can take us there. JMC is pleased to announce Andrea Davis, the convenor of International Reggae Day, as a featured panelist at the JMC 2020! “We recognise the exemplary work done over the years and the visionary efforts of Ms. Davis in establishing the legacy vehicle that is International Reggae Day. We plan to call for more collective energy in promoting and supporting this platform,” said Kareece Lawrence, production manager of the JMC.

The 2020 staging of the JMC will be a milestone for the reggae mecca, and another step along the path to ensure that the global reggae fans feel compelled to travel to Jamaica to experience, invest in and help to expand the reggae of Jamaica. The JMC was highlighted by Minister Grange during her speech at UNESCO, as helping to preserve and propel the national sound, and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport has pledged its continued support for this revitalised 2020 offering!

The Jamaica Music Conference will be held February 13-16, 2020 in Kingston, Jamaica. The organisers will be releasing more information as it becomes available via their website,, and on social media @thejmceffect.

For interviews or other queries please contact Ms. Kareece Lawrence (876) 354-8812 or email


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